4 Step Lip Care Routine

Women and men do all sorts of things to protect and prevent their skin from aging. We use thick eye creams and concentrated facial serums, but what about the skin on our lips?

The lips, like other areas of the face as well as the neck, chest, and hands are usually always exposed. Meaning, they tend to show signs of aging first. The lips, in particular, can age us drastically because they tend to be neglected in the skincare routine.

As we grow older the muscles surrounding the lips (orbicularis oris) start to waste away due to the degeneration of cells. This leads to sagging, drooping and fine lines and wrinkles to appear around the mouth area. We also don’t store as much fat in our face as we age which causes the lips to lose volume and thin out.

On top of that, the lips lack an oil producing epidermal layer unlike the rest of the facial skin. This means they aren’t producing their own moisture and need the help of hydrating products to stay healthy.

Who knew lips could be so complex? The best way to combat signs of aging in the skin is to follow a consistent routine that addresses all levels of aging.

4 Step Lip Care Routine

Step 1. Exfoliate

It’s just as important to exfoliate the skin on the lips as it is the skin on the rest of the face. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells and increase cell turnover. Both of these are needed for new cells to regenerate and products to easily penetrate the surface of the skin.

Exfoliation also increases circulation which helps to bring blood and oxygen to the lip’s surface allowing for detoxification and anti-aging effects.

Use a gentle physical scrub to buff away any dry flaking skin on the lips. Sugar scrubs are a great option as they are gentle and effective.

Make sure to avoid over exfoliating as this will quickly lead to irritation and chapt lips. It’s best to stick between one and two times a week.

Step 2. Treat

Just as you would apply a special eye treatment you should also be applying a special lip treatment. In fact, you can use the same treatment you are using on your eyes for your lips. These can include serums or creams, if its gentle enough for your eyes its gentle enough for your lips. This is a quick way to give your lips some love without adding in extra steps and products.

There are also special masks formulated for the lips to add an extra level of treatment. These look similar to undereye masks but they are in the shape of your lips.

The lips can also benefit from using special tools like jade rollers or derma rollers. Both of these tools help the products to penetrate deep into the skin.

Jade rolling is a gentle technique that can be used daily. You can read all about jade rolling here.

Derma rolling is a bit more invasive and should only be done a few times a month. A derma roller looks similar to a jade roller but it has tiny needles on the roller. When rolled over the skin these create small punctures in the skin which helps products absorb deep into the skin’s layers. There is also the idea of controlled damage. The small holes created by derma rolling trigger the body to quickly repair the areas leading to more rapid cell regeneration. This technique also makes the lips appear plumper.

Step 3. Moisturize

As mentioned earlier, the lips need help to create moisture. After exfoliating and treating the lips be sure to add a moisturizer that will keep the lips hydrated and smooth. It best to use products with natural ingredients that actually absorb into the skin rather than just sit on top as a coating.

Be sure to wear a moisturizer on your lips daily to prevent any dryness or cracking.

Metta Skincare Coconut Lip Balm is my favorite product for adding hydration to the lips.

Step 4. Protect

Perhaps the most important step is to protect the lips from sun damage. This will have a huge impact on the aging processes. Wear a sunscreen on the lips at all times during daylight hours and be sure to reapply it constantly throughout the day.

There are many lip balms that come with sun protection, so find one that works for you and use that baby religiously.

Make it a goal to care for every little inch of your body, by providing it will unconditionally love and lip balm.

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