Current Nontoxic Skincare Favs!

As a beauty blogger, I try to test ALL the personal care products I can get my hands on. I love finding new products and brands that fit my beauty and personal care goals.

When I first started the transition to non-toxic/organic skincare and beauty I was extremely overwhelmed. I had to switch all of my products and there are so many different brands to choose from I felt like I was drowning in the choices. It’s a lot of work with a lot of research involved.

Luckily, that’s my job, I mean literally. I went to school to become a market researcher, so this is what I enjoy.

I like to test products out for at least 30 days before I determine whether they are a hit or a miss, as this is about how long it takes the skin to regenerate.

Before I will recommend a product I need to make sure of a few things first:

  1. The product is non-toxic or will cause very little to no harm to the body and environment.
  2. The product actually works and its something I use or have used in my own routine.
  3. It is a product that I plan to use again in the future.

Since I follow the 10 (+) Step Korean Beauty Routine I have laid out my current favorite products to use for each step of the routine. I hope this helps to make the transition process easier for you nontoxic newbies.

Oil cleanser: Whimisa Organic Flowers Facil Oil

It’s kind of hard for me to not love an oil cleanser as I use it as the first step in my routine and will be washing it away afterward. So as long as it removes makeup I dig it! What I love so much about Whimisa Organic Flowers cleaning oil is that it’s so lightweight. I can just rinse it off with water if I wanted to without being left with any residue. This oil is great for mornings if you’re afraid of any leftover oil ruining your makeup.

You can buy it here.

Cleanser: Osea Malibu Cleansing Mudd

I did a full review on this that you can read here, but I also wanted to mention it in my favorites because it is indeed still my favorite. It’s so gentle and leaves my skin feeling so tingly and clean from the peppermint. It’s great for those with acne and dry skin.

You can buy it here.

Toner Mist: Purpl Goat Healing Crystal Toner

I always use my go-to Thayers toner after I cleanse but I like to follow with a toner mist to add extra hydration and treatment. I am currently loving Purpl Goat Healing Crystal Toner. Its perfect for that added acne fighting power I definitely need without being too overbearing and drying like some acne targeting products are.

Plus everything made by Purpl Goat is handmade with amazing skin benefiting ingredient.

You can buy it here.

Essence: Juice Beauty Green Apple Essence

I also have a full review of this product here, but as its the only essence I have used it has to be my favorite. Essences are mainly focused on adding more hydration to the skin and this does just that. Essences are relatively new to Western beauty so there are not many on the market. Juice Beauty does a great job with this essence and I will definitely be purchasing it again.

You can buy it here.

Ampoule: Klairs Midnight Yought Activating Drops

I am obsessed with this little powerhouse skin treatment. It has a very watery consistency with the goal to target fine lines and wrinkles. While I don’t have many of these concerns yet I am all about pushing it off for as long as I can. I notice my skin feels so fresh and happy after I use this product. The few lines I have around my eyes seem to love this and appear less prominent the next day.

You can buy it here.

Day Serum: Juice Beauty Antioxidant Serum

I am so happy with this serum. I notice my skin tone being more even and looking plumper after consistent use of this serum. I use it in my morning routine to give my skin extra protection from the surrounding environment. I drop the product directly onto my skin and gently tap it in for best absorption.

You can buy it here.

Night Serum: Madd Hippie Vitamin A Serum

This is hands down my favorite serum I have ever used. I originally purchased it to start protecting my skin from signs of aging and ended up getting so much more! I noticed my acne started to clear up and my skin became brighter. Any texture around my eyes has been wiped smooth and revealed an overall happier complexion. While I don’t see this as a solution to acne as I still get minor breakouts, it has helped to drastically reduce the size and occurrence of those breakouts.

You can buy it here.

Moisturizer: Osea Malibu Blemish Balm

I have loved every product Osea Malibu makes but this is one of my favs. It applies smoothly and evenly and absorbs quickly. Its almost like a dry feeling but also moisturizing at the same time. My skin feels dewy and fresh immediately after applying this and it works great under makeup.

You can buy it here.

Eye cream: 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

This is the perfect eye cream for daytime use. The caffeine awakens and refreshes the eyes like a big ole shot of espresso. I was genetically cursed with puffy under eyes and I love how this eye cream smooths out the puffiness and brightens up my whole eye.

You can buy it here.

Lip balm: Metta Skincare Coconut Lip Balm

This lip balm is a little different than the average lip balm you can buy at the grocery store, in the way that it doesn’t coat the lips and last for hours. Instead, it actually has a more oily consistency once applied that immediately begins to hydrate the lips. While you’ll definitely have to reapply the lip balm throughout the day it is packed with amazing ingredients that protect and moisturize the lips. My favorite way to use it is at night where it can last longer because I’m not drinking or talking. This gives the product a chance to fully absorb into my lips and I wake up with rose petal soft kissing lips!

You can buy it here.

Face balm: Metta Skincare Face Balm

If you suffer from dry sad skin this is the product for you! I have a dry skin type but in the winter it’s 1000x worse. We heat the house with wood which sucks every ounce of moisture out of the air leaving our skin looking liked flaky dried up raisins (exaggeration, but its bad). This past winter I purchased Metta Face Balm and it made all the difference. I only use it at night as its very thick and oily, but its unbelievably hydrating. I don’t wake up with dull flaky skin and most importantly, I don’t wake up with any breakouts. I highly recommend this for those of you with dry skin.

You can buy it here.

Acne treatment: Zabana Essentials Tamanu Calendula Face Balm

This is another face balm that I am in love with. I received a sample of this product in my Petit Vour subscription box and I am hooked. It’s a moisturizing balm that helps to calm and reduce any and all skin issues. I almost immediately notice any redness in my skin disappears after using this. Since this is a balm it does have a thick and oily consistency so I only use it at night.

You can buy it here.

Mask: Purpl Goat unMask Clarity

If you’re all about the natural homemade masks but don’t have the time or will to make your own Purpl Goat has some amazing options. The unMask Clarity is chocked full of acne fighting ingredients and all I can say is it works, man. This mask is my favorite way to fight and prevent breakouts. The main ingredient is blackstrap molasses so it keeps the skin from drying out during each use.

This product also has activated charcoal so I recommend using it at night before bed or at a time you don’t plan to go out. I notice that after I use activated charcoal the black color can get caught in some of my pores or dry patches.

You can buy it here.

Hopefully, now you have a big list of “clean” beauty products to try or help start your “clean” beauty journey. If you have any product recommendations for me I would love to hear them in the comments below.

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