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Face Mapping: What Is Your Acne Trying To Tell You?

It’s no secret, breakouts are terrible. When you have a red bump on your forehead it can feel like everyone is staring at you. But how great would it be if you knew exactly where your breakouts were coming from.


The body is an amazing thing and I firmly believe that it has the ability to tell you exactly what is going on both physically and mentally. Learning to listen to it and understand the signs can significantly increase your health.

Acne is one of those signs your body uses to signal that something is wrong. Face mapping combines Ayurveda and ancient Chinese medicate to explain how parts of your face are connected to other areas of your body. It’s a helpful method to utilize when trying to understand how to treat your acne.

1. Liver – Acne that appears between the eyebrows can be an indication that your liver is overfilled with toxins.

Cut down on alcohol and fatty food as well as dairy products. You also what to be mindful of food allergies because these also show up here.

Allow your liver to rest by getting plenty of sleep and detoxifying through exercise and warm lemon water.

2. Heart, Blood Pressure – The nose is closely related to the circulatory system so if you are experiencing blood or heart issues acne is likely to appear here.

Reduce red meats and increase consumption of essential fatty acids like omega 3 and 6. These can be found in nuts, avocados, olive oil and flax seeds. Take time to destress can calm your body through meditation or yoga.

It also might be a good idea to get your blood pressure checked if you have personal or family history of issues in this area.

3. Hormones – The jawline is most likely where hormonal imbalances and stress appear. This is why you may notice an increase in breakouts here around that time of the month.

Reducing stress and getting enough sleep and exercise will help to get your skin back on track. Some other ways to balance hormones are by consuming maca root powder and matcha green tea, eating leafy greens, and subsiding from eating or drinking from plastic containers or water bottles.

4. Stomach –  Your chin is closely linked to your small intestine so breakouts in this area may be the result of a build-up of toxins or fiber deficiency.

Start increasing your fiber intake by consuming green leafy vegetables or taking a fiber supplement. Eliminate toxins by staying away from process foods and refined sugars. Drinking warm herbal teas can also be beneficial.

5. Illness – Breakout appearing on the neck can be a signal that your body is fighting off bacterial infections.

Allow your body to get lots of rest and load up on vitamins both through foods and supplements. Reducing stress through meditation and yoga can also provide benefits.

6. Respiratory – If you suffer from allergies or are a smoker you may notice acne appearing on the cheeks. If you are a smoker, of course, I am going to suggest you take control of your health and commit to quitting.

A great way to clean up the air you are breathing is by investing in an air purifier. If you do not smoke or suffer from allergies try eating cooling foods ( i.e. leafy greens, peppers, berries, sea veggies, melons, romaine lettuce, etc.).

Also, try to keep your body alkaline (pH of 7 or greater) by avoiding acidic foods like meat, dairy, alcohol, coffee, sugar, and carbonation. Apple cider vinegar is a great way to balance out your body’s internal pH.

7. Kidneys – Imperfections around the eyes and ears, including dark circles or swelling, are related to the kidneys and usually signify dehydration.

Cut out caffeine, alcohol and sugary drinks and start to increase your water intake. Getting adequate amounts of sleep is also important to combat dehydration.

8. Digestive System –  Breakouts along the forehead are common signs of digestive issues and that your body may be having a hard time breaking down foods.

Ensure you are eating raw fruits and vegetables and removing inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, or other allergens. Processed foods and fatty foods should also be reduced to help improve digestion.

Knowing the source of your acne is the best way to treat it. When you notice differences in your body this could be its way of trying to get your attention. Learning to listen to your body is one of the greatest forms of self-love.

And you are so deserving of love.

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