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Skin Care Ingredients To Avoid Using Together

When it comes to trying new skincare products us skin enthusiast can get overly excited. This cream exfoliates my skin while hydrating? Add to cart. This cleanser reduces wrinkles and fine lines? Add to cart. This serum prevents aging and will make my skin look like I’m not a day over 2? ADD TO CART.

Okay, you get what I mean. Skincare is exciting but can we get too excited? Why not layer 50 different products on every night because they each provide different benefits and we have skincare FOMO (fear of missing out)? Sounds logical, but in fact, it can be harmful to your skin if you’re mixing the wrong ingredients.

I am all for the layering of skincare products (check out the 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine), some even work better when used together, but additionally, some do not.

Ingredients NOT To Use Together

Retinal (Vitamin A) and AHA’s or BHAs

WHY: Using retinal and AHAs or BHAs together can cause redness and irritation of the skin.

UH OH, I MIXED THEM: If you happen to use them together take an anti-inflammatory like aspirin and apply hydrocortisone cream to sooth the skin.

Vitamin C and Acids (AHAs & BHAs)

WHY: Acids will change the pH of vitamin C causing it to become ineffective, meaning your wasting your money and time.

INSTEAD: Save your acids for night time use as they make your skin more sensitive to the sun and use your vitamin C products during the day.

Retinal and Acne Treatments Like Benzoyl Peroxide

WHY: Benzoyl peroxide and retinal both stimulate skin cell turnover so mixing them together can result in extreme dryness and flaky peeling skin. In some cases, it can even cause blistering and scaring.

INSTEAD: If you are suffering from acne and but are also trying to combat aging skin, use retinal at night to prevent increased sun exposure and use acne treatments no stronger than 5% during the day as a spot treatment.

Retinal and Vitamin C

WHY: Mixing the two can cause skin irritation and increase the skin’s sensitivity.

INSTEAD: Use your vitamin C products in the morning and your retinol or vitamin A products at night because they increase sun sensitivity.

Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid

WHY: Salicylic acid is commonly used for acne treatment while glycolic acid is a chemical exfoliant that reduces the appearance of sun and age spots. Mixing them with strip the skin causing irritation and extreme dryness.

INSTEAD: If your trying to combat both aging and adult acne use them separately or as spot treatments. Put salicylic acid directly on breakouts and use glycolic acid in wrinkle prone areas.

Benzoyl Peroxide and Hydroquinone

WHY: Benzoyl peroxide is effective in reducing acne while hydroquinone is a skin lightening agent. When used together they cause skin irritation in addition to staining the skin.

UH OH, I MIXED THEM: If your skin happens to change colors don’t panic it can be removed with a gentle soap and water.

Bottom Line is it’s important to educate yourself on the products you are using and what is put inside those products. The world of skincare is constantly changing and advancing, as you become more complex in your skincare routine make sure you are also becoming more informed.

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