Jade Rolling 101

What is Jade Rolling?

Jade rolling has been used for centuries in ancient Chinese medicine where jade is believed to have healing and protective properties. Jade rolling is the process of gently rolling the stone upward on the face and neck to help reduce both topical and deep-rooted skin issues. The roller comes in a similar form to a tiny pain roller, only featuring an oblong stone of pure jade at one or both ends. (Similar to the one I use here or Jade Roller Beauty has some high-quality options.)

Benefits of Jade Rolling

Reduces Under Eye Puffiness and Darkness

Leave the cucumbers for your belly, jade rolling is the new way to cool and depuff the eye area. Dark circles and puffy under eyes can happen for many reasons including poor sleep, sleeping on your stomach, broken blood vessels or just simply genetics. The cool stone smooths out the under eye area and helps to make the blood vessels smaller.

Lymphatic Drainage

Any massage boosts the lymphatic system by moving around the lymph fluid (the fluid that circulates throughout the lymphatic system) and helping it to drain. Jade rolling is a gentle way to massage the facial skin and flush the body of toxins, drain the sinuses, and reduce fluid retention resulting in a more defined jawline, cheekbones, and brow bones.

Increase Circulation

Blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to your cells while also removing waste. Poor blood circulation leads to a dull complexion, discoloration, acne, inflammation, dark under eyes, and wrinkled, aging skin. The action of jade rolling increased the blood flow in the skin resulting in increased clarity, vibrancy and overall radiance of the skin. Rolling the cool stone over your face for five minutes will rev up circulation and proved a vivid glow.

How To Jade Roll

Before you begin rolling cleanse and tone your skin. Then apply any essence, serums, moisturizers or masks you wish to use (I love using a sheet mask).

Products absorb best when they are applied in an upward motion so jade rolling after you apply your highly concentrated products is extremely beneficial to their absorption.

Once your skin is prepped, it’s rolling time!

You should be rolling towards lymphatic draining spots. These are located on both sides of your face near the ears and toward the center of your collarbone.

It’s very important to make sure you are rolling in an upward motion to promote lifting of the skin and facial muscles, similar to the facial map shown below. You should also repeat each motion at least 3 times before moving to the next motion.

1. Following the arrows labeled “1” start at your neck rolling upward from your chin to your right ear then downward toward your collarbone. Repeat this step at least three times then roll your left side in the same manner.

2. From the front of your chin roll upward along the jawbone toward the center of the ear.

3. Roll upward along the smile lines then continue rolling from the center of the face to the ears repeating this up the entire face.

4. Next, roll upward along the sides of the nose then in a slight upward motion toward the draining points at each ear. If your jade roller has a smaller stone attached to one end of the roller you can use this to really work in and smooth out the eye area. Be gentle, but take your time focusing on smoothing out any fine lines or wrinkles.

5. Lastly, roll upward from the center of the brow bone and out toward each side of the forehead.

When you finish your skin may be slightly pink from the increase in circulation but should feel oh so luxurious. Jade is cool on its own but for an added cooling sensation pop your roller in the refrigerator or put in on ice before you use it.

It’s suggested to roll for about five minutes, both morning and night, after cleansing and applying your essence, serums, and creams. But, of course, it’s not required for you to be THAT extra to reap the many benefits, just keep in mind the more often you massage your face the healthier the skin will be. Between each use be sure to clean your roller either using a disinfectant such as alcohol or witch hazel or with warm water and soap.

Now get to rolling!

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