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5-Step Korean Hair Care Routine

Korean beauty culture has so much to offer and thankfully it doesn’t stop at skin care. Korean men and women are known for their perfect glass skin, but meticulous hair care is also one of their many implemented beauty practices.

I have recently discovered the 5-step Korean hair care routine and my hair is joyously thanking me for it.

Step 1: Scalp Exfoliate

I’ll start by saying I have EXTREMELY thick hair, and a ton of it too. My hair is so thick and heavy that traditional methods of scalp exfoliation don’t necessarily work well.

There are different forms of scalp exfoliation, but for my hair type and texture (it’s also a simple method and works on all hair types) I use boar brushing in addition to brushing my scalp with a wooden brush.

With dry hair, I start by brushing through my hair with a wooden brush to detangle it and smooth it out. Once my hair is tangle free I start brushing the top of my head ensuring that the brush is making contact with my scalp. As you continue to do this, you should notice your hair get semi-oily looking. Continue brushing until you’ve covered your whole scalp.

Next, move to the boar bristle brush.

A boar bristle brush is made of tightly packed bristles that will stimulate the scalp, increasing circulation to the hair follicle.

Start at the roots and brush backward all the way to the ends of your hair. Be sure to allow the boar bristles to brush the surface of your scalp as this is what exfoliates and stimulates blood flow which in turn aid in cell regeneration on the scalp. The densely-packed bristles remove dirt and dead skin cells from the hair, and aid in moving sebum throughout for a natural shine.

If you have thinner hair you should have no problem using this technique.

If you do not, like me, you may have a hard time getting the bristles of the brush to actually touch your scalp. To combat this, you can section your hair into small sections and brush your scalp that way.

Step 2: Cleanse

Once your scalp is prepped and exfoliated its time to cleanse.

As you shampoo your hair, gently massage your scalp so the product is thoroughly distributed throughout.

It is very important to ensure you thoroughly cleanse your hair and scalp as the build-up of dirt and product can damage the hair follicle and cause hair loss. So the shampoo you use is a very important factor in your hair routine.

Maintaining healthy has posed a constant battle to many people. This can be a result of continuously exposing the hair to harmful chemicals that are hidden in many of the popular hair products.

Natural shampoos contain beneficial plant and herb extracts that provide the hair and scalp with important nutrients.

Natural shampoos are also thought to promote hair growth and increasing moisture and hydration in the hair and scalp. They are also non-allergenic making them accepted by almost all skin types. My friend, Kirsty from Odylique, wrote this post on what are the best shampoos for people with skin conditions like psoriasis.

Acure Organic is a natural brand sold at most health food stores that offer a variety of natural shampoos and conditioners for different hair concerns.

Step 3: Hydrate

Now that your scalp and hair are squeakily clean its time to add some hydration. This step is extremely important, especially to those with mature hair, as it prevents that dry brittle straw-like look and feel.

I cleanse my hair as the first step in my shower, followed by conditioner. I will leave the conditioner in while I wash the rest of my body and rise it out as the last step. I find this to be the best way to ensure my hair is smooth and soft. Plus, the steam of the shower mixed with my product makes me feel like I’m getting a deep condition.

Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian conditioner in coconut milk is a natural conditioner that smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling extremely soft. The only downside is that the packaging makes it a bit difficult to get the product out, but I have noticed they started making the container with a pump so hopefully, this will eliminate that issue.

Step 4: Moisturize

This step adds in additional moisture and helps to boost the hair’s shine. Here you can add a leave-in-conditioning treatment. To apply, run the product through your hair from the middle to the ends. I usually avoid applying to my roots because it can sometimes appear to look greasy once the hair drys.

Alba Botanica makes a great leave-in conditioner that results is happy hydrated hair that smells delicious.

Step 5: Seal & Protect

Lastly, add in one final boost of shine and protection. I this step is extremely important in maintaining the youth of your hair. We all know the importance of protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful rays but it’s lesser know that our hair needs protecting too. I like to use a UV protecting serum to help protect my hair and scalp from sun damage.

Yarok Feed Your Sunshine is my current favorite UV protecting serum. This product is designed to specifically protect hair and scalp from the damaging effects of the sun and harsh pool chemicals.  Yarok is 100% vegan and free of alcohol, paraben, sulfates, chemicals, and gluten. In addition, 3% of all profits go directly to benefiting Pachamama Alliance and protecting over 10 million acres of Amazon Rainforest. Need I say more?!

InstaNatural Argan Oil Leave-In Hair Treatment is another great hair treatment I use for protection. This leave-in treatment contains organic argan oil, coconut oil, carrot seed oil and vitamin E that help revitalize weak, limp and lifeless hair.

I apply a small amount of each product into the palm of my hands and massage together to mix and warm the products. I then gently run them through my damp hair, focusing mainly on the middle and ends.

And wah-la! You’re done! Style your hair as usual, but remember the more often you expose your hair to heat styling products the more damaged it becomes.

Don’t stop at just skin, protect your hair as well. Give this 5-step Korean hair routine a try and watch your hair glow like your dewy hydrated skin!

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