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How I Stopped Comparing Myself to Others And Began Living My Own Truth

I’m sure we have all experienced a time in our lives when we’ve felt that anxious feeling of being in competition with someone else. I have struggled for years feeling I was fighting to be smarter, kinder, happier, prettier, more popular or more successful than others.

I’ve always been a very independent person with an extremely creative mind. I’ve dealt my whole life with people copying my ideas and using them as their own and let me tell you, it was (is) infuriating. I’m very individualistic and I HATE (hate…hate…) being mimicked. I felt I was competing with others to stand out using MY OWN ideas.

Imitation was not a form of flattery in my book.

These feelings began to seep into all areas of my life. I wasn’t just worried I was competing with others regarding things I’ve already created but things I was dreaming to create. I had this idea of what I wanted from my life and where I wanted to go and the second I saw someone else on a similar path I began to feel in competition with them. I compared myself to them and their life and felt discouraged when I wasn’t as far as they were.

I would have anxiety and worry about things I had no control over. And this in itself is damaging. I was comparing my life to people who had no relevance to me what so ever, but I thought they were getting what I deserved, and I spiraled into an anxiety driven panic.

Then, right on cue, God spoke to me in a way that completely changed my mindset. I was just about to graduate college, looking for a job and feeling terrified that I wasn’t good enough to stand a chance in the business world compared to my fellow classmate. But God slapped me in the face with some truth.

I was reminded that I was made on purpose specifically for a role that only I could fill.

There is nothing I was meant to have that anyone can take from me. This hit me hard. Real hard, I mean it knocked me down and helped me back up just to knock me down again. But, once I fully took in this thought I felt free. I no longer looked at my classmates and evil future stealing enemies but as teammates. I stopped seeing myself as a failure because I was still living with my parents and others were out buying homes and making huge life-changing plans.

Little did I know I didn’t need to make life-changing plans because God already had that covered.

There is a perfectly you-shaped hole in this world that cannot be filled by anyone other than you. Your path is specific to you and at the end of that path is something designed only for you. How empowering, right?

Someone with less experience got that promotion you spent countless late nights working towards? That was on purpose. Someone else bought your dream house and decorated it to the exact image you had in mind, while you are sleeping on the couch in your parent’s basement? That was on purpose. Someone else got that ring after a few months while you’ve been waiting on one for years? That was also on purpose.

Whatever you did not get was not meant for you.

You can’t see it now, but the future you, sitting in that big ole’ office with the window overlooking Central Park, following your true passion will understand that you weren’t meant to get that job you chased after all those years ago.

They always say, “If you want to make God laugh tell him your plans.”

I’m telling you, your life is already planned out. As cliché as it is if its meant to be it will be. Nothing will make you happier than being in the exact role God designed you for. The role that no one else can fill but you. The role that you do not now, or ever, have to compete with someone else in order to achieve.

Stop wasting your time worrying about what others are doing or achieving. They’re fulfilling their purpose, not yours. Your time will come when you are ready and able to handle it.

God will not come early, but he is NEVER late.


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