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Why You Should Not Be Washing Your Face In The Shower

Since you are here, (so kindly reading this post) I will assume you love and care for your skin, right? Good, now that we are on the same page I’m about to drop some knowledge.

As convenient as it may be, washing your face in the shower can actually cause more harm than good. The skin on your face is much more sensitive than on the skin on your body. Hot water can strip away your natural oils compromising the barrier function of the skin leaving it weak, vulnerable and cracked (AKA, no good, no good at all).

Try This Instead

Wash your face before you get in the shower (at the sink) with lukewarm water. Start by removing your makeup, then cleansing with an oil cleanser. Gently wipe away all that junk and gunk off your face (you can read about oil cleansing here). Now add a moisturizer to protect the skin’s barrier and prevent moisture from escaping during that steamy shower.

I like to apply an oil to my face by pressing it into my skin and leaving it on until my shower is over.

While you are in the shower keep your face turned away from the shower head. If it’s a hair washing kinda day look up at the ceiling while your shampooing and rinsing to prevent any drainage onto your face. Once you step out of the shower you can finish up cleansing your face with a water-based cleanser followed by the rest of your skincare routine. And mission complete!

Of course, washing your face separate from in the shower adds a little extra time but it sure won’t add more wrinkles! Protect your skin and it will thank you in all sorts of glowy ways.


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