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The Badass Book That Pushed Me To Go For It

Do not take this lightly when I say that, THIS BOOK CHANGED MY LIFE!

You are a Badass came to me when I was first starting to take steps in creating this platform. I wasn’t sure about my decision and I made tons of excuses not to follow my dream (it was scary, and way out of my comfort zone). I suffered from the mindset that my dreams would take too much work. I convinced myself that I could live the same life of passion filled happiness by taking an easier path. I read about ¾ of the book, then life got busy and I decided to set it (and my passions) aside. After months of this nagging energy screaming at me to get my life together, I decided to pick it back up. This time was different though. I had spent the past year trying to achieve goals by following the easy well-paved path I was used to. I was working a job I hated, I didn’t have any really good friends, I wasn’t reaching goals and I felt I was watching everyone pass me by. I was so depressed after being stuck in the same season for so long I needed to make a change. This book gave me the slap in the face I needed to make a change happen.

The author Jen Sincero writes in an edgy humorous style that makes this read very entertaining and easy to focus on. Her strongest message is that. This is an extremely powerful mindset that, if utilized, can (and will) transform your life. Jen provides tools and examples of how to start achieving your goals and moving into a life you love.

I always knew what my passions were but it can be scary leaving your comfort zone to follow your dreams. If you are stuck in a low place or in need of some motivation I highly recommend reading this. I hope it changes your life like it did mine. If it has, please let me know how. I love hearing from happy people following their passions and loving the heck out of their selves!

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