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Do you really need a toner?

Yes, the answer is yes. And here is why:

A toner is a liquid moisturizer that can enhance skin’s surface, allowing the skin to look fresher, smoother and hydrated. Toners offer different benefits for different skin types. For example, those with combination and oily skin types can use a toner to reduce enlarged pores and excess oil. Those with normal to dry or sensitive skin types can use a toner to decrease redness and flaking.

Toners also provide universal benefits for all skin types.

Restore the skins pH Balance

The toner should be used following the cleansing step in your routine. They balance out the pH of your skin after using a cleanser that is more alkaline (a pH of 8-9) than your skins natural slightly acidic barrier (a pH of about 4.5 to 5.5). This is important because the slightly acidic environment is essential in protecting your skin from infection and disease. An unbalanced pH reduces the effectiveness of the skins natural barrier and leaves it exposed to a variety of irritations, blemishes, and dermatitis-related problems.

Delivers Nutrients

Toners are made up of mostly water but they also contain many health benefiting nutrients. Your skin is naturally more delicate after a cleanse, so distributing nutrients such as antioxidant and amino acids will protect it in this fragile state.

Preps the skin for the rest of your skincare routine

Skin best absorbs products when it is wet. The skin is like a sponge, when a sponge is dry it takes longer to absorb a liquid than when it is already damp. Dampening the skin before advancing to the next steps of your skincare routine allows the products to absorb faster.

Toners can also remove any residue on the face left over after cleansing, ensuring that your skin as clean as can be.

I use a toner in both my morning and nighttime routines. On normal days I will add the toner to a cotton swap and gently apply it to my face after a cleanse. On days my skin feels dehydrated I pour the toner directly into the palm of my hand and press into my skin. I will also use a toner in the form of a facial mist after applying the first layer of toner. I find this to add an extra layer of hydration to my skin. And let’s be honest, I’m all for anything extra!

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  1. Agreed! I love my toner–I feel like it does a great job of balancing out my skin and cleaning off the last bits of what my cleanser might not have taken care of!

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