Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleansing Oil

Oil cleansing is a great method used to dissolve oil-based dirt and debris that a traditional water-based cleanser can’t.

I have been using Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleanser Oil for about a month now and I am extremely excited about it! Whamisa is a Korean brand that uses a natural fermentation process to distill and preserve the potency of some ingredients. Fermentation of ingredients helps your skin to absorb the product better, reduces the chances of skin irritation and creates new skin-benefiting substances.

This is a lightweight oil that effectively removes makeup and leaves the skin feeling soft and fresh. I had been using a DIY oil cleanser for about a year before this, while it worked, it was a much heavier constancy. I have noticed less congestion and clogged pores since switching to this lightweight oil cleanser.

This product is also EWG verified, meaning “the product goes above and beyond its green rating in EWG’s Skin Deep® because the company has disclosed more about its formulations and manufacturing processes.” In simpler terms, the product used good manufacturing practices and has fully disclosed all ingredients and is free of anything concerning.

If you are looking to add oil cleansing to your skincare routine I highly recommend this cleansing oil.


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